Much more than just electricity comes out of the socket nowadays.

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When the market changes, we don’t waste any time switching.

Even when it comes to trading with technical devices, the right technique is what counts. Ours is simply convincing: we bank on speed, quality, design, good ideas and safety. For both our own devices for industrial customers as well as those for end consumers. The product cycles are becoming tighter and tighter, the market becoming more fast-paced – what sounds like science fiction today is already outdated tomorrow. That’s why it’s good we work so closely together with our production partners in Europe and Asia and can react lightning-fast. And we remain trailblazing at the same time, because quality in each of our company’s business fields is a must for us – also for our electronic devices, which are extremely high-performing and robust. But above all, we rely on our own in-house technical know-how. The Electronics division profits even more than the others from our own engineers.

They often deliver the decisive spark with their good ideas – the one that ensures success, whether for the development of a completely new kind of product or the evolution of tried-and-tested classics. What’s more, they are also experts for product safety. When it comes to electronics, too, Wünsche takes every step for its partners – up to the shops’ shelves. Our network of reliable manufacturing companies and the collaboration of the company’s business fields allow for smooth processes. And beyond that, when viewed from the outside, also for a seemingly fully automatically functioning product development, manufacturing monitoring, quality assurance, delivery, logistics and, particularly for electronics goods, the often complex after-sales service. Brown and white goods, lighting and more – it may be the case that the development of these products is rapidly moving forward. But regardless of where they are going, we are already there.

Each and every service. Wired and ready in a strong network.