International procurement

Supplier relations earn the name at Wünsche.

It may just be the case that our customers are now taking the daring step of entering new territory in the Far East. We’ve already been there for ages. The Wünsche Group has its own decades-long trade relations and partnerships in Asian manufacturing countries. Ever since 1982, we have been present in Shanghai, for example, and in Hong Kong, too, since 1992. Our team ensures you have the right tailored solution for the region and is your fast problem-solver on the spot. In our procurement offices in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan sit experts for individual fields of business. They use our service organisation in Hong Kong as a switchboard and back office.

The most important task, in addition to supplier management and extensive auditing, is the actual manufacturing support itself. To make sure it is the best it can be, smooth coordination between customers, suppliers and experts of the Wünsche Group is entirely essential. It goes to show just how important business relations at eye level are.

Additional services for international procurement:

•   Product development

•   Producer selection

•   Supplier management

•   Merchandising

•   Production and project management

•   Quality assurance

•   Logistics management

•   Financing

Intense contact between all the stakeholders is extremely significant for a partnership-like and trusting collaboration. What’s more, thanks to the direct knowledge of suppliers and manufacturing conditions, the specialists in Germany and the Far East work efficiently with one another and as a team.

When it comes to the volumes and variety of our products, nobody can beat the Wünsche Group anywhere in the world. We have become an outstanding provider of complete product ranges for retail. As a family-owned company, we value and support close relations – across continents and beyond borders. Suppliers and manufacturers are also somehow like family once our teamwork has shown to work. Thanks to such good relations, we can get our hands on various volumes to meet any customer need, quickly and in excellent quality.

Being ahead in the game starts on the pitch.