After-sales service

After the sell is before the sell: we also give customer service our best.

Customer service is a decisive quality criterion for us – both towards our customers as well their end consumers. Every year, we provide service for roughly 30 million items. And we guarantee each of our customers a response within 24 hours.

We rely on strictly organised and standardised processes, which we are continually optimising in line with the “best case principle”. We always offer our after-sales service at the same high quality level – regardless of whether the item is a food tin or an e-bike. Our service teams support each end consumer concern with the same intensity. The special service requirements for promotional articles are also naturally taken into account by us.

Other services for after-sales service include:

•   Planning of service and returns quotas

•   Organisation and calculation of warranty times

•   Definition of spare parts, spare part volumes and timelines

•   Product reviews

•   Control and coordination of service contacts

•   Escalation management

Offering informed, helpful and motivated service is a given for us. With our extensive service network consisting of 38 countries, we pursue each case. At the same time, we use various different service concepts to consider all customer-specific and legal requirements.

The best service is part of our service.