About us

The trade industry needs partners who are just as dynamic and multifaceted as it is.

The Wünsche Group is an internationally active service and trade company. We are specialists for the development and acquirement of store-brand goods as well as promotional goods and assorted items for any product line-up – and have been for many decades. Food and clothing, electronics goods, durables, e-commerce and services – regardless of the business field, we stand for operational excellence.

We have always given top priority to the requirements of our customers, and we are not satisfied until all the links along the value-added chain have been optimised. That’s how the boosting of efficiency works, and it’s how we work, too.

The Wünsche Group stands for safety and perfect service.

We have quite a precise notion of good value for money: starting with the perfectioning of products. It’s one of the reasons why the trade industry likes us so much – in addition to our huge product portfolio and flexibility. We always find the right solution for our customers. After all, trade is transition – and never before has this transition been as fast and vital as it is today.
The Wünsche Group is a family-owned and managed company built on a strong foundation of innovation skills, awareness of responsibility, and partnership-like business.

Because we are shaped by over 80 years of traditional merchant values, the handshake between businessmen counts as much for us today as it did back in 1934 when the company was founded. And ever since day one, we have been taking this tradition out into the world: from our headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, we work closely with our offices in Asia, Europe, Australia and the USA, and we have had the best connections for many years to the world’s most highly productive suppliers. When you take a look at our position on the world market, it’s clear: what’s successful in Hamburg also seems to work well in other countries.

We are an owner-managed company with a long heritage.