International sales

The world is round. And the game has just begun.

The Wünsche Group has customers all around the world – from the USA and South America, to Europe, Russia and China, all the way to Australia. When it comes to procurement and sales, we’re always there where it matters most: on-site. Our sales specialists in our branch offices in the USA and Australia monitor and analyse country and market-specific developments up close, directly pick up on trends and changing needs, and give their own inspiring impulses. This naturally reigns true for the complete, broad product palette of the Wünsche Group – after all, we are all-rounders.

We are not only one with the latest trends, we are also one with the individual markets. What may be perfect for the Great Lakes could actually be over the top for Down Under. Or vice versa. Our pros on-site know that, and they advise our international customers with this in mind. They continually surprise them with innovative proposals.

Wherever we are active in the world, the Wünsche Group is continually seen as one of the most diverse and versatile suppliers. Because we work efficiently, we seldom need more than six months from the first idea to the final product – often we are even faster. And when it comes to the length of the warranty, we frequently even exceed the country’s valid guidelines and laws.
Each of our international offices has taken on our traditional merchant values, like reliability and quality, and everyone pulls together with the German parent company. Even on global terrain, each employee considers themself a member of the bigger Wünsche Group family. This bond is just one of our secrets to success.

Think global, act regional – we fill this slightly modified bit of business wisdom with life every day. Leveraging our solid market knowledge.

International competence. Thanks to an international presence.